Terms, Privacy and Cookies


Hello, I am Claire Ladds, artist, writer and maker. This page explains how I use your data when you access the website, https://claireladdsart.com. I aim to be as transparent as possible because your privacy is very important to me.

Terms of Usage

By providing any data to the site, you warrant that you are at least 13 years of age.

I own the copyright to my work. You may not copy work on this website in any form whatsoever, neither may you save or print any of the work on this website without the prior permission of Claire Ladds (me), except for your own personal usage.


Cookies are tiny pieces of metadata which websites and other online services use to improve your experience when using their website, such as remembering your preferences, items in your shopping cart, etc. This site uses cookies to ensure you can manoeuvre around the site as easily as possible. You can disable the cookies in your web browser if you wish, but if you do, you may find that websites, including this one, do not work properly.

Collecting Data

I do NOT collect, nor will I EVER collect, any sensitive data about you for any reason. Sensitive data is deemed to be data such as that which relates to your age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and activity, religious affiliation, or any criminal convictions.

I never ask for your personal information, except that which enables me to provide you with the services you wish to use. Currently, the only information I ask for is your name and a working email address, so you can access items of interest that I have to offer, such as following my blog or receiving information from me through my email list.

Signing up for my blog or newsletter

If you wish to receive notifications of my blog posts when I publish them, my web host needs your email address in order to send you those notifications. Currently my website is run by Automattic (known to many as wordpress.com). Whenever you receive an email about a blog post, there is always the option at the bottom to unsubscribe from receiving these emails if you wish.

When you sign up to my newsletter (email list), you will be asked for a working email address. You may from time to time have the option of ticking a box which shows which type of email you receive from me (for instance, my art newsletter, or a separate colouring newsletter). You will only receive communications for which you have given your consent.

Should you wish to change your preferences, you can do so by clicking the link at the bottom of any email I send you and altering your choices. You also have the option of unsubscribing from my email communications with you at any time, by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of any email I send you.

Third Party Partners

I use selected third party partners in order to function as a business. Currently these are:

Automattic (for my website)

MailChimp (which holds the data given by anyone who signs up for my email list)

Bookfunnel (where I store any free books I offer to readers when they sign up to my email list, and also where my launch team can access their exclusive, free copies of their Advance Reader Copies of my work)

Social Media: Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

I may, from time to time, using the advertising services on social media to promote my work to targeted audiences.

Each of these third party partners has their own Privacy Policy. You are strongly encouraged to read these if you are directed from this site to one of the third party partners.

Affiliate Links and Other Links to Products

I may use affiliate links on this site. These allow me to earn a very small commission, should you use one of them to make a purchase through the link. I only ever use affiliate links for a product or service I have bought and use/enjoyed myself, or may be my own work.

When you click on an affiliate link or an ordinary link to a product I suggest, you will be redirected to a third party website. These sites have their own Privacy Policies. If you intend to purchase through these websites, you are encouraged to read their Privacy Policies and how they handle your data. I have no control over what other businesses do with the data they collect.

If you need any other information, please email me at: claire[at]claireladds[dot]com and I will be glad to help.